Memberships would include:

  • Quarterly Newsletter
  • Participation in member only events
  • Record keeping and statistics of dogs owned
  • Official Recognition of Exceptional Epagneul Bretons by reason of competition and health exam
Family Membership         $40.00
(2 persons 18 or older each owning an Epagneul Breton in immediate household, 1 newsletter subscription)
Individual Membership    $25.00
(person 18 years of age owning an Epagneul Breton)
Associate Membership    $18.00
Persons 18 or older interested in the breed but do not own an Epagneul Breton, no voting permitted )
Junior Membership           $15.00
(Youth under 18 years of age no voting permitted, allowed entrance to all members only seminars without additional charges)

Make Checks Payable to : Club Epagneul Breton U.S.A.

Membership Application | Printable Breed Conformation Standard

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